Wharf Master's Pet Policies

  • Well behaved Dogs allowed - 30 lbs. or less
  • $35 per Dog - per night
  • 2 Dog maximum per room
  • Do NOT leave your dog in your room unattended
  • Please take your Dog for a walk while we clean your room
  • All Dogs must be on a leash while you are on the Wharf Master's property


Included in your rate is our “Doggy Bag,” which includes plastic waste bags and puppy paws towel. We have bowls and food for purchase in the lobby, if it was forgotten off your checklist.


Dogs must be on leashes at all times at our Wharf Master's Inn.


We ask that you do not leave your dog loose in the suite while you are out for the day.  Pets may be left unattended only if crated.


We expect that dogs will not disturb other guests by barking or whining on the premises.


Waste pick up is required. There is a special pet disposal for waste.


Owners are accepting full responsibility for financial damage caused by the pet.  (Examples: Chewing of furniture/architectural structures, ruining of carpets by mud/soiling/chewing, destroying of linens or towels) If damage occurs, owner assume full responsibility for damage caused by their dog(s) Damage fees up to $250


We ask you to bring your pet’s favorite bedding.


Wharf Masters will supply special towels for our furry friend’s paws. If our bathroom towels are used, there will be an additional charge incurred of $15 per towel. To avoid charges, please notify a staff member that more towels are needed, and we will be happy to assist.


Wet feet and coats must be wiped before entry into the suite.


Pets must be clean and treated for fleas and ticks.


If your dog takes an unexpected swim in the ocean, or dives into some mud or sand, don’t worry, we would be happy to show you where the hose is if you need it. (Your fur baby would not be the first!)


Pets are not permitted in dining areas.


Guests that do not register their dog or guests that bring non-approved pets into a guest room, will be charged $250.00.



Please notify us if you have a service dog for these facilities and we will be happy to make accommodations for overnight stays, dining and common areas. Please supply the inn with “service dog certification papers” and notify a staff member prior to arrival.  There will not be a fee applied for a service dog, please advise guest services.  All rooms do not accept service dogs, due to allergies some guests might have.

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